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10 Easter Crafts and Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy

With only 1 week to go until Easter, it is time to hone in all the wonderful crafts and activities that we’ve come across on Pinterest (and every other form of social media).  So, I’ve put together: My 10 favourite Easter crafts and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Click To Tweet

Hopefully you will find something that your little ones can enjoy with you.  From crafts, to books, to Lego, and even science experiments; there’s a little bit of everything here.


My 10 Favourite Easter Crafts and Activities (in no particular order)


Making a Spring Easter tree



Nell, from Rhythms of Play , has a wonderful tutorial on making a beautiful Easter tree.  This is a fun project that can help decorate your table or mantle to create that special Easter feeling in the upcoming week.  I like this project because we use Resurrection Eggs to help teach (or remind) the kids of the events in the week leading up to Easter.  This project pairs well with our homemade resurrection eggs.


Resurrection Eggs



We made our own set of resurrection eggs with a mom’s group that we were part of several years ago.  They have been a fabulous resource that the kids really look forward to using each year.  You can see our resurrection eggs and the tree we used to hang our scriptures and tokens on at He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!!! | Resurrection Eggs.  You can also buy a complete set of Resurrection Eggs  with instructions here.


Easter Stem Tower Building Activity



And while we are delving into plastic eggs, who doesn’t have a million of these little things kicking around.  Kim over at The Resourceful Mama had a great idea for teaching the kids with what we already have around the house.  She used empty plastic easter egg shell halves to get the kids to build towers.  You can see all of her teaching ideas around this activity in her post Plastic Easter Egg Towers Stem Challenge.  In my house full of boys this is sure to be a hit! (Timber!!!)


Using a Charlotte Mason Style Approach to Learning About Easter



I wrote this guest post for Tauna of Proverbial Homemaker.  It looks at 8 different ways that you can learn about Easter following a Charlotte Mason style of learning.  I enjoyed this post because of all the quotes from Charlotte Mason.  She was an inspiring woman who has greatly influenced how I teach my children.  Learn more about her and her teaching philosophy in the post 8 Charlotte Mason Easter Activities.


Hatching Easter Eggs



In this fun activity from Asia, of Fun At Home With Kids, your little (and big) kids can have fun watching chicks hatch from eggs!  With a few basic ingredients typically found around the home, you can create a fizzing, bubbling, hatching egg with a little surprise for the kids.  I know my toddler, Mickey Blue, will get a kick out of all the bubbles.  Come and check out the details at Magic Hatching Easter Eggs. 


Salt Crystal Eggs


It’s amazing what science we can experiment with at home using everyday products from around the house.  In this activity, Sarah, from Little Bins for Little Hands, teaches about creating salt crystals. This experiment is even easy enough for my toddler to take part in, and in depth enough to teach my  elementary child as well.  I appreciate projects that bring delayed gratification.  This one takes about 3 days for the final result.  I highly recommend this one!  You can find all the detailed instructions in the post How to Grow Salt Crystals for Easter.


An Easter Sensory Bin



At our home lately we have been doing a lot of sensory play.  My toddler, just loves sensory bins!  LOVES SENSORY BINS!  We have 2 rules when we are using them: whatever sensory items are IN the tub, stay in the tub, and our body’s stay OUT of the tub.  I’m sure you can figure out why we had to add that second addendum.  This tub is super simple to make and is a great way to tie in some more easter play.  

We haven’t done much with bunnies in our Easter crafts and activities as we tend to focus on activities relating to Christ.  I plan to add little bunny figures to this tub from Nurture Store, for a great way to tie in teaching about bunny’s: looking at how they relate to Easter, and teaching about bunny’s in the spring.


Christ-Centered Easter Books and Resources Round-Up


Tauna, from Proverbial Homemaker, put together a fabulous round-up that contains many great books and activities for this coming week!  She has a wonderful Lego challenge that comes with a free download of all the teaching you will need.  I highly recommend this challenge if you have any children that are obsessed with Lego (like Izzy!).  We’ve also read all of the books that she recommends and really enjoyed them for learning about Jesus’s journey in the week leading up to Easter as well as understanding the Easter message of salvation.  You can read all about her activities and book recommendations in her post Christ-centered Easter Books and Resources.


 Printable Easter Finger Puzzle



When I came across this little activity from Anna Joy of Path Through The Narrow Gate, I was so excited!  This brings back many childhood memories!  And just earlier this year my mother in law was showing Izzy how to make these!  This little one is designed with Easter in mind from the cute pictures to the timely scriptures.  This printable is sure to keep your children entertained and filling their hearts with the word of God.

The Bunny, the Egg and the Cross


The Bunny, the Egg & the Cross is a wonderful Easter teaching guide for young children. It covers the history of Easter including Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. There are craft ideas with teaching and scripture cards for each day of the week of Easter. This ebook is an excellent resource! Come enter the Easter giveaway for your chance to win a copy!

This eBook (my first one!) is great for working through the week of Easter with kids.  There are crafts for each day of the week starting the Monday before Easter.  There are also two additional crafts to help teach kids about how the easter bunny and the egg relate to the Easter holiday.  

My kids have had a lot of fun doing the crafts, reading the daily scriptures, talking about the stories and preparing for Easter together.  My eBook is for sale here for $7.99, but as a thank you to my wonderful readers you can get The Bunny, the Egg & the Cross this week for just $4.99 using the coupon code easter2017.

Happy Easter!

My hope is that you find something that appeals to you out of these great easter crafts and activities during this season. If you enjoyed this post, please share the pin below for others too enjoy as well.  

10 Easter Crafts and Activities the Whole Family Will Enjoy! From books recommendations, to Lego challenges, science experiments, scriptures, teaching and more, there is a little something for everyone this Easter season.


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Thanks for joining me today and have a wonderful Easter! 

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  • Are you a lover of #books? Do you #Homeschool using literature or read aloud? Audiobooks are a great way to get in more stories! We love listening to them in the car or while folding laundry! Right now if you sign up for a 30 days free trial you get to download 2 #free audiobooks!! When we did this we looked for #bookcollections - we got The Peter Rabbit collection by #beatrixpotter , the full #chroniclesofnarnia and an adventure series of classical literature stories read by #elijahwood! Link in my bio (it's an affiliate link just so you know!)
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