Advent Activity: The 5 best reasons not to post everyday...
The 5 best reasons not to post everyday….plus an advent activity or two

The 5 main best reasons not to post every day are the five bests in my household aside from myself.  Although we’ve kept up on each days advent activity, it’s been too busy to blog.  When I started blogging years ago it was for fun and to share what we were doing, now that I am blogging more seriously to help support my family, I came at it with a new view.  However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed.  My first priority is my husband and my 4 children.  During a regular visit with my last pregnancy, my midwife affectionately commented…

It’s obvious that you are happy and your family, they’re you’re people….

And that is my stance still.  These are my people, they have been given to me, and they are my first priority.  So, I don’t post everyday.  When we have challenging weeks, sometimes I don’t post for that whole week.  It isn’t for a lack of things to share with you.  It’s just that I’m busy taking care of my people.  And I’m sure that you are too.

So, to catch up on our advent activities!  Because we have all been sick, we didn’t go to church last Sunday.  So, instead, to keep the kids busy, we made Chrismas ornaments using Perler beads.


Advent Activity Day 4 – Craft

This activity was great because it was quick and easy.  Mickey Blue, at 2, was able to make his own ornaments.  And the process wasn’t so time consuming and arduous that it lost Izzy’s interest.  And best of all – we had all the supplies on hand.

We followed the instructions from the Perler Bead website.  They were easy and straightforward and we were really happy with our results!

A quick easy ornament


We also completed our Christmas play dough collection.  Mickey Blue and I were up earlier than the rest of the family so we got it done before breakfast!  Very happy with all our Christmas colours – we spent a good amount of time this morning making Snowmen, Christmas trees with stars, and all the members of the paw patrol team!  

advent activity day 4 more christ,as play dough


Advent Activity Day 4 – Outing

Maple Bay sail by and light up. 

For our advent activity today we went to the Sail Past at a local marina.  On the journey there we had a great time looking at all the Christmas lights (especially because we drove an extra 20 minutes when I told my husband to take a wrong turn…).  I love this time of year.  The air is cool and crisp.  The lights twinkle.  Everything just feels special and loving.  We watched the boats, all lit up with Christmas lights, sail around the bay.  Santa and Mrs. Claus wandered down the Pier to give the kids candy canes.  It was a nice night – worth the 25 min drive each way with a screaming baby!

Advent Activity Day 5 – Watch a Christmas Movie

 This is a classic Christmas movie in our house!  From the fun costumes, to the great discussion themes, there is a lot of laughter from all.  There are some words and scenes in this movie that I don’t particularly like for my smaller children; scenes of bullying and use of mean language.  However, for my older kiddos I like to use this as a discussion point because I think the scenes are very true to the types of scenarios kids can run into on a daily basis and they are presented from the standpoint of the Grinch, who is being picked on, and how terrible it makes him feel.  If you don’t already own this movie it’s a great one to add to your collection.  You can get a copy of it on amazon for under $20!  See the resources section below.


Advent Activity Day 6 – Homemade Wrapping Paper

homemade wrapping paper, advent activities

We actually had 2 advent activities for today, one that was a multi-part activity and one sporadic one. Our listed activity was to make cookies for the local RCMP unit as a thank you for their service in our community.  Baking can sometimes be a bit hectic, and it’s time consuming too; making the dough, chilling, cooking, cooling, then decorating.  So instead of rushing through the process we made the cookies today with the prospects of decorating tomorrow.  I used a highly reviewed recipe that you can find here as I haven’t made sugar cookies a lot in the past.  We picked sugar cookies for the fun part of decorating them!

While the cookies were baking and I was trying to clean up, the kids were getting a bit squirrelly  We’ve been cooped up with having colds, and then the snow that has graced our area.  So, I grabbed some brown wrapping paper (that came with our last Usborne book order) and taped it down to the table.  We put out tempura paint in Christmas colours and the boys drove cars all over the paper making fun tracks and race circuits and learning about colour mixing!  It only last about 15 minutes but it bought me enough time to finish cleaning up.  Looking forward to wrapping up some of our Christmas presents in our custom made wrapping paper!

Advent Activity Day 7 – Gingerbread Houses

My mom and a long time family friend came up island for a visit today!  They brought along with them a gingerbread house kit for the kids!  Mickey Blue and Izzy worked together with some help from my “aunt” and they created a beautiful miniature piece of restate  .  It was really neat to watch the process from last year to this year; Izzy was much more into decorating, making patterns, cutting particular shapes, and designing than he ever has been before.  Jack was in it for the candy.


Advent Activity Day 8 – Christmas Cookie Exchange

Today was our Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Exchange.  This is the first time that I’ve hosted a Christmas Cookie Exchange.  It was a small one, with just 4 gals, including myself.  We ended up with a great load of cookies though!  I made gluten free snickerdoodles using the Bob’s Red Mill recipe found here.  They turned out amazing!  The kids couldn’t even tell they were gluten free – now that’s saying something!!!  We were also blessed with the chocolate drizzled macaroons, sugar cookies, and gingerbread – ALL GLUTEN FREE!  I was really impressed with everyones delicacies and can’t wait to do this again next year.  It was also great to have a day to just visit with other moms and for the kids to just play.


Advent Activity Day 9 – SNOW DAY!

snow day, advent activity

We’ve had quite a bit of snow, for our little corner of the world, so we took a snow day!  We will have to make up our arts and crafts planned for today on another day.  Instead we spent the day sledding, visiting neighbours, baking, and watching movies!  A wonderful off the cuff family day.

I hope that your advent season is as stress free and sweet as mine has been so far!  Coming up this weekend we will be making Bird Feeders and going to Butchard Gardens!  Stay tuned for up dates – you can subscribe to my blog to get the updates sent straight to your inbox.  

If you missed our initial advent(ures) you can check them out here – and grab your free advent printable!

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  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas, DVD



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  • Are you a lover of #books? Do you #Homeschool using literature or read aloud? Audiobooks are a great way to get in more stories! We love listening to them in the car or while folding laundry! Right now if you sign up for a 30 days free trial you get to download 2 #free audiobooks!! When we did this we looked for #bookcollections - we got The Peter Rabbit collection by #beatrixpotter , the full #chroniclesofnarnia and an adventure series of classical literature stories read by #elijahwood! Link in my bio (it's an affiliate link just so you know!)
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