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Spring Nature Study- A Lesson on plants | Charlotte Mason Style

Spring Nature Study on Plants | Charlotte Mason | Making Her Mama
Spring Nature Study- A Lesson on plants | Charlotte Mason Style


With the changing of seasons comes a change to our nature study series.  It’s time for Spring Nature Study on plants!

We just finished our Winter Nature Study (you can check that out here {Week 1: Winter Nature Study – A lesson on trees}).  Our Spring Nature study series will run from March – June.  Every Friday we will post our lessons for the upcoming week.  Our lessons are based around Charlotte Mason style learning and include teaching in language arts, science & nature study, and art.  We have a separate bible study curriculum (Bible Study Guide for all Ages) and math program (Math-u-see) that round out our studies.


Charlotte Mason Style Nature Study

Our nature study is based around a Charlotte Mason style nature study guide (one for each season) that I got several years ago on CurrClick.  I love these guides because they are broken down by season, and then each season into monthly increments.  Each month has 3-5 topics that you can focus on with suggestions for readings, activities, and teachings.  I appreciate (being a recovering type A mama) that it’s not a check list style of book.  I can’t complete the lists because there are none.  And I can’t own every resource because I can’t find a lot of them.  So, I can venture into homeschooling in a way that I’ve wanted to for a long time. You can take a look at the Spring Nature Study Guide at CurrClick where it’s currently on sale for only $6.50 as a pdf!

For more information on Charlotte Mason and why you would want to  use her teaching methods visit Simply Charlotte Mason


Spring Nature Study for March

This month we have 5 possible lesson topics.  And I double checked the calendar and there will be 5 weeks in March.  Our topics are plants, fungi, birds, vernal equinox and animals in spring.

Teaching Resources

First of all, I really value being able to teach my boys any information through conversation while we are out playing, on a walk or just living life.  So, I use the Apologia Exploring Creation series to top up my knowledge.  The information in these texts is simple to follow and reads like a story!  For our lesson on plants I will be referring to the Botany textbook.  (This text is one of my absolute favourites!  Plants fascinate me.)  Topics to review include: plant anatomy, photosynthesis, transpiration, and reproduction.

I am a huge fan of Gail Gibbons’ books and this week we are looking at her book From Seed to Plant, Tell Me, Tree: All About Trees for Kids, The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree, and The Reasons for Seasons.  I will be using these books as read alouds for the boys while they build legos or play cars.  (It’s amazing how much information they absorb while playing!  It truly blows my mind!!)  Although Gail Gibbons books may not be strictly the types of living books that Charlotte Mason would recommend, my kids thoroughly enjoy them, as do I.  {For more information on living books, see my post How do you know if a book is a living book?}


Language Arts

In order to incorporate our language arts, we are using poetry for memorization, copy work and dictation.  If you’re looking for a compilation book of poetry, another book I highly recommend is Favorite Poems Old & New.

This weeks focal poem (from Favourite Poems Old and New) will be Written in March  by William Wordsworth.

William Wordsworth (1770-1850) was born in England.  

 He was a very famous for his nature poems and was called the poet of nature.  His works are credited for starting the Romantic movement in English literature and he was named poet laureate in 1843.  In case you don’t know what that means (because I didn’t) when you are a well recognized poet you can be appointed as a member of the Royal household for life – an incredible honour!

Here’s a printable copy of Wordworth’s poem Written In March for your classroom this week.  I put the printed poem into an 8 1/2 x 11 dollar store picture frame hung above Izzy’s desk.  This brings it to our minds often and allows for reading throughout the week other than during our focussed work time.

Free printable: Written in March by William Wordsworth to go with our language arts for the Spring Nature Study on plants. See full blog post for details.

We are also going to talk about similes this week.  A simile is a figure of speech comparing one thing to another most commonly using the words “as” and “like”.

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb... Click To Tweet

This is an old saying that was based around the idea that life strives to find balance.  So, if March comes in roughly (like a lion) then it should end peacefully (like a lamb).  A perfect example of similes.

A lot of old farmers sayings come from observation of weather patterns and nature study over time.  Here are a few more for you could explore with your learner(s).

A dry March and a wet May? Fill barns and bays with corn and hay.

As it rains in March so it rains in June.

March winds and April showers? Bring forth May flowers.


A Plant Focussed Spring Nature Study Walk

This week during our nature walks, we will be taking along our local plant life guide book.  We use Plants of Coastal British Columbia: Including Washington, Oregon and Alaska.  This is a great book and we have all the guides from Lone Publishing.  It’s really important to get a guide that is local to your area though, as plants and species vary greatly between regions.

We are going to try and identify 3 new plants.   We will review the ones that we already know, which include: the Oregon Grape, the Western Red Cedar, the Douglas Fir, and the Sword Fern.  

With new life bursting forth, it’s a great time to look at different plant features like leaf shapes and patterns.  We’re going to take some samples to do a few activities with.


Plant Activities

To further our study of plants, we’re going to do a science experiment on photosynthesis and transpiration.  EDventures With Kids has a great lesson plan laid out for visibly being able to see a leaf breathing.

We will also be adding some leaf rubbings for our nature study journal.  While we tend to do our journal work on separate sheets of paper, we can just add them into our journal afterwards.  Thus the kids can just keep their favourite and/or best work without stressing over it being in the journal before it’s ready.


Our Weekly Art Project

Our art project this week comes from Fun-a-Day.  We will be playing with liquid water colors again!  I chose this project because both Mickey Blue and Izzy can do this one.  We also have coffee filters set aside for projects so it will be great to use them and decorate our dining room window for Spring!  


So there you have it – our first week welcoming in Spring!  What fun things do you have planned for the upcoming week?  And is the weather in your area allowing you to focus on Spring yet?

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A Charlotte Mason style Spring Nature Study lesson on plants. This lesson plan features activities, art, language arts and a free printable. Come check it all out!

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  • #captainunderpants .... well, captain #easyups LOL. Mickey Blue was given a pack for his 3rd birthday and Little Lou approves 😝 my boys are such hams, they are always making me laugh! I 💕 #momlife !!! What funny or sweet things have your kids been up to?
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