Is your toddler tired and grumpy? Welcome To Tired Toddler Town - Making Her Mama

Mom! Are you struggling with your little one? Is your toddler tired and grumpy? Read on to find out what my toddler has been up to and how we are coping.

Is your toddler tired and grumpy?  If it’s after 5pm and the telephone rings in my house, I warn the unsuspecting caller that they have now entered Tired Toddler Town.  What exactly does this mean?

You may at any point be subjected to yelling, sudden screaming, crying, or exasperated parental exagerations.

We’ve all been there.  The dreaded terrible two’s.  

I really hate that expression though.  I actually LOVE two year olds.  The toddler stages are fascinating!  These little beings are really coming into their own.  They become more and more independent, their personalities start to shine through and they have an amazing curiosity about the world around them.

Unfortunately for us, these new found wonders are often the things that leave us banging our heads in frustration.  And by dinner time all their curiosity and exploration has left you with a toddler tired and grumpy! For those of you out there who have no idea what I am talking about let’s take a quick run through of the week with Mickey Blue and his explorations…..

  1. We (and by we I mean he…) personally hand treated and stained the floor with apple juice.
  2. We (I’m sure you know who I mean now) did splatter art with apple sauce on the bedroom wall!
  3. Mickey has removed all the wheels from the bottom drawer in the dishwasher…
  4. I’m still emotionally recovering from the chipotle incident (if you missed that one, read about it here)
  5. Unrolled a WHOLE roll of paper towel to see if there was an actual end.
  6. Attempted flushing of a full roll of toilet paper, as a display of protest towards future wiping.
  7. Dumping of all the toys with small parts on the floor in our classroom (cool blog post to come on my new classroom!). He thinks thats where they belong.
  8. Climbing into the chicken coop and playing catch from door to door until mommy resigns to  calling time-out.
  9. Eating 5 bananas a day for 2 days straight then realizing on day 3 that he hates bananas!

First of all, I watch my kiddos pretty closely (because I have children who LOVE to explore, create and destroy).  

It really only takes a second for any of these things to occur and it usually happens under one of 2 circumstances.  I have entered the washroom alone – although the door is always left open to keep an ear on the destruction about to take place during these 30 seconds.  Or, I blinked.

But what I’ve come to realize lately, is that I can allow all these little things to take over and cause me much grief and frustration, or I can laugh.  These toddler years don’t last long, and I want to enjoy them – don’t you?  It goes by so fast and he isn’t doing any of these things to intentionally irritate me.  

I know that laughter is good for the soul, and they say if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? I laugh a LOT.  Sometimes I’m a little worried that I may come across a bit mad (driven crazy  by doing that same thing day in and out and expecting a different result) as I giggle away.  But even in the most frustrating moments, the humour of it all has begun to hit me.

Take number 9 – Day 3 of bananas.  

For the last two days Mickey Blue has eaten nothing but bananas.  Honestly, I’m not exaggerating here.  NOTHING BUT BANANAS.  So, not surprised when he bounds into the kitchen this morning mid-play to ask for…that’s right, a BANANA!!!  (Insert surprised gasp here.)

 I pulled the peel back half way, handed it to him, and he went on his merry way.  I finished chopping some veggies for breakfast and peeked around the corner to check on Izzy and Mickey Blue.  And there it was, right in the middle of the carpet, the BANANA!  

Because it was the middle of the week, we’d already had some other fun times.  My internal calmness meter began to waiver.  I thought, “Dear Lord, please don’t let him have mashed it into the new area rug…..”.  My prayers were heard.  So sweetly and calmly I asked Mickey to come and pick up the banana.  “We don’t throw food on the floor sweetie, it’s okay if you’re done eating, please go put it on the table.”  To which he responds “HEAVY”.  

Heavy?  A banana isn’t heavy…

And you’ve taken a bite or two, so technically it’s lighter than when you first got it.  I asked again sweetly reminding him that if we don’t listen we have to sit on time out.  Well, he outright refused to pick up the banana so into the highchair for time out he went.  This kid has an amazing stubborn streak (NO IDEA where that came from!) – I checked in with him every 2-3 minutes.  Are you ready to pick up the banana?  Nope.  Crying, are you ready?  Nope.  Screaming, ready to pick up the banana?  Nope.  Another 3 minutes, ready now?  Yes! Aha – we have victory!  Nope.  We got over to the carpet where the banana continued to lay.  Mickey suddenly recalled the atomic weight of the banana (it is HEAVY).  

15 minutes later after placing the banana every so gently in his hand, he and I walked hand in hand (while he tipped his head up to the sky and wailed like a banshee) to place the banana on the table.  Mission accomplished!  He got a “good job” and a high five!  Moms….pick your battles wisely!

Is your toddler tired and grumpy? Don’t let tired toddler town get you down!  

Underneath the crazy moments are the sweet little babies that we have nourished and held for the past few years.  And if we focus too much on the tough times, we forget to cling to the sweet moments that slip away too quickly.

Yeah, this week Mickey Blue got into a lot of things (that I am going to have a great time recollecting at his wedding one day…) but you know what else he did?

  1. He went trick or treating for the first time in a costume he chose (he was a little skeleton).  Mickey asked for a treat at every door.  His eyes would light up with each sweet reward.
  2. Now he says Wub-wu (Love you) in his sweet sleepy voice
  3. He learned to count to 5 (and has subsequently forgotten all the numbers between 1 and 5)
  4. Mickey Blue collects the chicken eggs from the coop and ever so tenderly pulls any straw off them before handing them to me and he hasn’t broken a single egg in the coop!
  5. He has started retelling his favourite story The Gruffalo in only five word “Oh help, No, Gwufflo, hoot”
  6. He presses his sweet head to my belly to say sorry.
  7. Mickey likes to name all of us in the car when we are driving.
  8. In the car he yells “guys, guys…trees!”  which is hilarious because there are trees everywhere!  Its not like we’re in prairies!
  9. In the morning he wiggles over to me and whispers “awm, bwangket” because he wants to lay his head on my shoulder while i curl my arm around him and pull the blankets right up warm and cozy.

This wild, crazy, loud, bundle of energy is amazing.  

With his big blue eyes and sweet blond curls, his easy going nature, love of outdoors, excitement over anything new, amazing ability to climb, he is so special.

So mamas, these are the moments I’m going to cling to!  Don’t let tired toddler town get you down.  My challenge to you is to laugh when the moments are hard and frustrating (because sometimes they really are).  Cherish your child because each day with them is a gift.  Every day, our sweet babies are less and less connected to us.  Hug your child and don’t let go before they do.  Be goofy and silly with them.  Our children are more important than the stuff we have to get done.  Lets speak life over them and into them!  I’d love to hear about the great things your little one (or bigger ones too!) have done this week.  Let’s celebrate them!

Mickey Blue off on another adventure! Mom! Are you struggling with your little one? Is your toddler tired and grumpy? Read on to find out what my toddler has been up to and how we are coping.
Mickey Blue off on another adventure!

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  • I feel your pain. Daddy P (

  • thebookswag says:

    Tired town toddler! amazing! My husband and I after reading this post have decided to name one of the corners of our house this, to give us a place for time out when our two year olds wear us out. We are also taking on the challenge posed to us by your article, to laugh when times are hard and frustrating. (will share our results) xo

    • Nadine says:

      LOL I LOVE the idea of naming one of the house corners! If my living space were bigger I would put a fence around it and some toys in it and perhaps banish the odd toddler or two for a few minutes!

  • Brittany says:

    Such an accurate account of motherhood =) love it! I am always trying to remind myself to not take things too seriously and enjoy the moment. Thank you for this heartfelt reminder!

    • Nadine says:

      Brittany you are so welcome 🙂 I’m glad I could be of encouragement. It’s not easy, motherhood, but so much more so when we stand beside each other!

  • says:

    Thanks for some great advice. Toddlers should be celebrated!!

  • Great post! Know all to well what you mean when you talk about tired toddler town but you’re right. Each day there’s something new, something cute or something good they did and that’s what we should focus on.

    • Nadine says:

      It’s so easy to focus on the frustrating things but I LOVE how the whole feel in our house changes when we choose to look at the positive and rejoice in each person daily.

  • haha! This is so adorable. Sounds exactly like my little boys.

    • Nadine says:

      Hey Storiesofourboys,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed our story 🙂 It’s so good to connect with other parents who have the same experiences. Especially mom of boys!

  • mumtimestwo says:

    Nice post! Our youngest son has a sleep disorder so we are lucky if we see the backs of our eyelids before 2am. then he’s up at 5/6. Beyond exhaustion and the days just merge into one.
    But he is so lovely. So much more loving than his sisters and brother. He’s still cute at 5, whereas the cuteness kinda wore off of the others when they started school.

    • Nadine says:

      Hey Mumtimestwo! Thanks for stopping by. I can’t even imagine how you are functioning. Our second son was colicky and we didn’t sleep much that first year and it’s all just a blur now! So I hear ya! It’s funny how loving they tend to be though… it’s like they have to make up for the lack of sleep somehow (Even though we love them like crazy regardless…)

  • I totally get you, mine can be a complete whirlwind but I have to let it go otherwise I’d go insane. Although, her newest trick is climbing and so one that I can’t ignore! Thanks so much for linking up to #Blogstravaganza xx

  • I’ve just written a post about enjoying my daughter and not worrying about getting things done! I think its so important, and to laugh, well you have too! They are hilarious, and if you don’t laugh you might go mad! love this post #KCACOLS

  • How funny he tells you the banana is too heavy! Toddlers are trying sometimes but this post reminds me to think of all the brilliant new things they are learning during this period 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS

    • Nadine says:

      This kid cracks me up! He always says such funny things! Today the whole 15 minutes in the car it was “stop the car, stop the car, stop the car…” every time he wanted something different, a toy, his boot, to get out, to go home LOL OH toddlers!

  • tinmccarthy says:

    We have toddler twins and they are real sleep haters- they never EVER stop moving.



    • Nadine says:

      Oh my goodness! I couldn’t imagine. We have twins in our family so I’ve had glimpses of what that busyness is like. I couldn’t imagine not sleeping. I’ve had a few nights with Little Lou (now 10 months) where we’ve had to get up and I am so thankful they are few and far between. I just can’t run on no sleep anymore!

  • crummymummy1 says:

    We’re definitely in this stage – roll on the threenage years I say #bestandworst

    • Nadine says:

      Threenager LOL I Love that term!! But actually, i love that stage. Toddlerhood has its challenges, but also great times. And I find the same with 3 year olds. The ability to focus longer and deeper curiosity opens up so much fun playtime!

  • Yes!!! I’m going through this now too! #bestandworst

    • Nadine says:

      So nice to know we aren’t alone! And it passes 🙂 And they are still awesome people. I always remind myself that I can’t expect more of him emotionally than I do of myself because he’s still learning and it’s my job to help him understand his feelings and find the right way to handle them.

  • talkingmums1 says:

    Oh toddlers they really try our patience don’t they and it is a shame, we want to enjoy them and the tantrums make it hard. I try my best not to get too frustrated but it’s hard x

  • Kate says:

    My little boy is three in two weeks time. This week he seems to be making the most of his final few weeks of the terrible twos lol! In reality I do love this age though 🙂 #KCACOLS

  • Accidental Hipster Mum says:

    He sounds just like my little boy, he even sounds like he looks just like him! I can’t get over the banana thing, especially the claims that the half-eaten one was ‘heavy’!


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2. COMMENT with your answer to the question below.
3. CLICK on the photo to be taken to the next post.
When you get back to me, you've completed the loop!
If you'd like to join in the fun in future chat loops, send a DM to @ourcommonchaos. We like to feature new moms each week, so there's always room! -------------
Thinking about homeschool organization.... what is your biggest challenge with staying organized?
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